Do you know what happens to your debts if you die?

By Joshua Berkley

Check out this great article (featuring our own, Josh Berkley!) for insight into how debt is treated upon death. This is just one of the many issues on which estate and probate attorney Josh Berkley provides personal consultation as part of our estate planning services.

As always, our focus is helping protect what is important to you!

About the Author
Josh Berkley is an attorney and owner at Berkley Oliver PLLC who helps individuals implement plans to protect their assets and their loved ones. Josh focuses his practice in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate, and Elder Law.  From assisting young parents in making a plan to provide for their children, to helping senior clients qualify for Medicaid, Josh works with clients to create estate plans and life plans tailored to each person’s specific goals. He also helps clients with a wide variety of important legal documents such Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Surrogate Designations, and Living Wills. If you have any questions regarding this article, contact Josh here.