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Shelby County has quickly become a popular destination for those Kentuckians who want access to Louisville without living in the city. With lower crime rates and lower taxes than Louisville, Shelby County is a great choice for anyone hoping to start a family. 

Finding the right place, however, is only the first step in the long process of starting out on the right foot in your community. Moving to a new city or county often involves finding new jobs, new friends, and new ways to just have fun, but it also involves thorough planning to ensure that you enjoy long-term happiness in your newfound home.

Shelby County is a lovely place to live, but starting on your own there still requires much consideration, no matter what neighborhood you end up in. You must address certain legal concerns to enjoy the security that comes from knowing you are well-prepared for any possibility. 

At Berkley Oliver, we offer residents of Shelby County premier legal advice and assistance in a number of different areas. Our team of attorneys is skilled in family law, elder law, and estate planning, and we can help you create a plan for every stage of your life. If you are settling down in Shelby County, KY, call Berkley Oliver today.

Shelby County Family Law

If you’re moving to Shelby County, you might be doing so with the aim of building a family of your own. The county’s widely respected school system and many public resources make Shelby County a wonderful place to find a partner and raise children. Doing so, however, may require more legal assistance than you originally imagined. 

Marriages, divorces, adoptions, and many other areas of family life each have their own host of legal concerns and complex forms. These milestones bring major life changes and any related legal documents or considerations should be taken very seriously. 

Whether you are in need of a prenuptial agreement or a child custody agreement, the family law attorneys at Berkley Oliver can provide you with top-tier assistance. The forms and filings involved in family law are of great importance, and they are also easy to mishandle without professional legal guidance. 

At Berkley Oliver, we offer dedicated service to our clients, and it’s our policy that we take our clients’ needs as seriously as they do.

Elder Law

As you grow older, your needs and responsibilities change. Aging often means putting your life’s work — along with your life itself — in other people’s hands. Even when those other people are your most trusted family members, there often remains some uncertainty around entering this stage of life, which is why the practice area of elder law exists. 

Elder law attorneys offer legal assistance and protection for those in their golden years. Lawyers can assist those suffering abuse at the hands of caretakers, professional or otherwise, and help secure hard-earned savings and pensions. Elder law attorneys can help you set up a plan for asset protection in retirement that best suits your needs. 

By putting your wishes in writing now, you can rest assured knowing that your future will go the way that you have always hoped it would. We can create medical directives and other related documents to help you retain your dignity and independence well into your golden years. 

At Berkley Oliver, our team of attorneys is highly skilled in elder law, and we offer our professional assistance and legal advice to the people of Shelby County. If you are considering a retirement spent in Shelby County, call Berkley Oliver today.

Estate Planning

Preparing for the end of your life may be unnerving for some, but the alternative — forcing your loved ones to sort through your finances and property in the wake of your death — is even more undesirable. 

With a well-thought-out, thorough estate plan, you can establish a living trust, make funeral arrangements, and dictate where your assets will go once you are gone. 

Estate plans involve many complicated legal processes, such as filing your last will and testament and establishing a living trust. These processes ensure that your wishes are respected even after your death. 

Do not risk mishandling these important documents, leaving your family to clean up the pieces after you are gone. Call Berkley Oliver to start setting up your estate plan today.

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