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Parents with adopted child.

Kentucky families come in all shapes and sizes, and adoption is just one way by which loving families add new members to their ranks. However, adoptions can quickly become messy, resulting in protracted court proceedings and mental and emotional stress. This can tarnish what ought to be a joyful and celebratory process.

Whether you are contemplating adopting a child or have started the process but run into trouble, hiring an experienced Shelbyville family law attorney from Berkley Oliver is the right choice. Our legal team is intimately familiar with Kentucky’s adoption laws and procedures, and our assistance can help you achieve your adoption goals with minimal disruptions.

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Understanding the Adoption Process

An adoption is a legal proceeding in which a child or adult person becomes legally recognized as the child of one or more people who are not the biological parents of the person being adopted. Under this broad umbrella, there are a variety of adoptions with which Berkley Oliver can assist:

  • In-state and out-of-state adoptions
  • Adoptions of children by their blood relatives
  • Step-parents adopting step-children
  • Adoptions of children in foster care
  • International adoptions

No matter the type of adoption you are contemplating, you can anticipate that the process will involve numerous steps and unforeseeable complications. Do not let these challenges get in the way of finalizing your adoption. Enlist the Shelbyville family law team of Berkley Oliver to help you file and complete your adoption quickly.

Kentucky Adoption Process for an Adult

Proceedings are not limited to adults adopting children. An adult can legally adopt another adult in this state so long as both adults consent. The legal process for adopting an adult is similar to the procedure used in child adoptions, and the legal effect of such an adoption is the same as it is for a child.

Berkley Oliver has assisted many step-parents with adopting adult step-children to make legally official a relationship held for many years.

If you desire to adopt another adult as your legal child and that other adult consents, Berkley Oliver can help you implement your plan. 

Parties Involved in a Kentucky Adoption

Successfully adopting a child or adult requires the involvement and approval of numerous parties. The process can slow down or derail completely when these parties’ interests and outlooks do not align. Some of these parties whose input is vital include:

The Adoptive Parents and the Person To Be Adopted

Ideally, these central players in the adoption proceeding will all desire that it be completed. A child may resist being adopted, though, and this can cause delays moving forward. Moreover, it is impossible for you to adopt an adult who does not consent to the adoption.

The Child’s Biological Parents

If you are trying to adopt a minor child, the biological parents must usually consent to the adoption. Otherwise, you will need to go to court and ask the court to involuntarily terminate the biological parents’ parental rights.

It is not necessary to secure the consent of an adult’s parents prior to adopting the adult.

State Agencies

If you are adopting a child or an adult who is not independent because of a health or mental condition, state agencies like the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services will likely have a say in whether the adoption proceeds. Even private adoptions must comply with state rules and regulations, and these state agencies exist to ensure these requirements are satisfied.

The Court

Judges oversee all child and adult adoption proceedings in Kentucky, and they are not just rubber stamps who approve adoptions. The court acts as a second check to ensure all procedural requirements are met before the adoption is finalized.

But in the case of a child or dependent adult adoption, the court must also ensure the adoption is in the person’s best interests. If a court has concerns about you or about your ability to provide care for the adopted person, it may bring the adoption to a halt.

Satisfying the interests and concerns of all these parties can be onerous, but a skilled adoption attorney from Berkley Oliver has the resources and knowledge to efficiently handle this task. We know how to satisfy the legal and procedural requirements, leaving you free to prepare for this new chapter in your growing family’s life.

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If you are preparing for adoption, give yourself and your new family every opportunity for success by retaining the assistance of Berkley Oliver. Speaking with us before you begin your journey can help stave off potential complications, but our skilled team is capable of assisting you no matter where you are in the process. Contact our Shelbyville family lawyer at Berkley Oliver today to schedule a consultation.