Local Counsel Arrangement for Opening Probate in PI Cases

Personal injury lawsuits can be complicated on their own, but when matters of probate arise following an untimely death, a legal professional with an in-depth understanding of Kentucky’s probate laws is required to navigate murky legal waters successfully. When these two areas of the law overlap, it is crucial to turn to a qualified Shelbyville probate lawyer from Berkley Oliver for assistance.

If you represent the family of someone who has suffered a personal injury and has now passed away, your clients may be depending on you to successfully litigate probate to ensure the smooth transfer of assets to their respective heirs. Shelbyville probate law firm Berkley Oliver can act as local counsel and help you accomplish this crucial step for your clients. Contact us today to request a consultation.

The Benefits of Local Counsel Arrangement

Especially in cases where probate is an issue, there may be times when you need to take legal action in multiple jurisdictions. For example, if the decedent owned property in another state, those assets would fall under local jurisdiction, requiring probate in a state where you may not have familiarity, expertise, or license to practice law.

Additionally, the nuances and hurdles of local legislation may prevent you from representing your clients to the best of your ability — not to mention the time and resources it might take to travel across states if required. And even if you do practice in Kentucky, you may not have extensive experience with probate law or do not have the resources to split your attention from the primary personal injury case.

For all these reasons and more, failing to engage local probate counsel when needed can jeopardize your clients’ legal rights and potentially expose your firm to adverse consequences.

A local counsel agreement is the solution to this dilemma. By engaging the services of an experienced probate lawyer in Kentucky as local counsel, you can provide better service and representation to clients for whom probate in jurisdictions such as Shelbyville is required.

When you partner with local probate counsel, you gain more than just an attorney familiar with Kentucky’s probate laws. You’ll build a relationship with a trusted partner who can help you develop ideal legal solutions for your clients, who rely on attentive and available counsel in difficult times. Local counsel can be on-site when you can’t be, preparing the necessary probate documents, appearing in court, and complementing your overall case strategy.

The Intersection of Probate Law and Personal Injury Law

While the decedent may no longer have any use for the personal injury compensation that they are entitled to receive, their heirs and beneficiaries may depend on receiving the proceeds from a successful personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim to meet their needs. Likewise, they’ll also be depending on the smooth transfer of any and all assets that they expect to inherit, including any that fall outside your jurisdiction.

Suppose you represent a family in Minnesota, but the deceased owned a rental property in Kentucky. While they may have an estate plan in place that details their plans for this property, it’s all too often that such assets default to probate, which, as you know, can be a long and arduous process.

However the unexpected passing of a loved one can be traumatic enough for your clients, and delays in inheritance or other estate matters only add to the unnecessary pain your clients are going through. That’s where local counsel can step in to expeditiously resolve probate matters and help your clients find closure.

Berkley Oliver understands the complex nature of these matters and has experience in coordinating with personal injury firms to deliver a seamless recovery process to surviving heirs.

What Sets Berkley Oliver Apart

As a local probate law counsel, Berkley Oliver brings a unique experience to your legal matter when you need a probate lawyer to help with the probate elements of your personal injury case. Here are just a few reasons why our firm stands out from the rest:

  • We are highly knowledgeable in probate and other estate matters and can get a probate case opened quickly
  • We are professionals who are recognized by our peers for our work
  • Our clients come first, so you can rest assured we are always working to best serve our clients’ needs
  • We are located in and serve the Shelbyville area and the surrounding counties, so we are familiar with the local courts and processes

When you need a local attorney in Shelbyville to complement your personal injury team, look no further than Berkley Oliver.

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